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To book/enquire, email or call 07826 558089

MONDAYS - St Mary's Bay

7pm - 8pm 

- St Mary's Bay Village Hall,15 Jefferstone Ln, St Mary's Bay, TN29 0SW



6:30pm - 7:30pm - Hythe Sports Pavilion, 2 South Road, Hythe

WEDNESDAYS - Dymchurch

10am - 11am 

- St Peter & St Paul's Church, Dymchurch, TN29 0LD


7pm - 8:pm

- Rye Creative Centre, New Road, Rye


10am - 11am 

Hardy Hall, Skinner Road, Lydd​

11:15am - 12:15pm (Special Needs Group 'SiNG')

Hardy Hall, Skinner Road, Lydd​

Marsh Choir subscriptions work on a termly basis. There are 12 sessions available each term and the cost is £60, which works out as £5 per session. If ever you have to miss a session, there is the option to 'choir hop', which means that members can attend one of the other groups listed above to make it up. There is the option to pay for the termly membership in two or three instalments.  Members who prefer to pay only for the sessions that they attend are charged £10 for that session on the day of attendance. This does not apply to Marsh Choir SiNG, as the members of the special needs group do not have an option to 'choir hop'.

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